Welcome to 24Tuition, a subsidiary of OptionC™. This unique, exclusively Catholic tuition management system provides schools with worry-free tuition collection. Designed with Catholic schools in mind, 24Tuition reduces administrative time and money, freeing up schools’ resources to drive enrollment and create a better learning environment for our children.

Tuition Management
  • Direct, automatic tuition payments within 24 hours, virtually eliminates the need for collections
  • Combine other fees, such as after school programs or flexible spending accounts, into one statement, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and administrative time.
  • No hidden costs or fees for failed payments
Enrollment Management
  • Online registration allows the parents to enter student information, saving administrators time
  • Parents can view student assignments due, grades, and make payments online
  • Catholic-focused book fairs and fundraising not only provides additional income, but increases knowledge of the Catholic faith